Monday, June 24, 2013

A Poem I wrote a couple years ago... Simple but deep... Analyze this

 A Nice Approach

MOve with the clouds, slowly but surely,
cut them loose like a theif... if theyre not moving maturely.

BReak it down like a branch, when it doesnt make sense,
keep that dog on a leash if you dont have a fence!

BUild it up like a temple... if u feel that its right,
stay dry like the desert, IT'll be alright.

DRain it like a pipe... when it starts to leak,
be aware like a guard when they start to speak.

HOld it down like restraining... someone gone mad,
forget it like the wind.,. and breeze on past.

EMbrace it like a person... whom you desire to have,
ATtend it like a bar and open a tab.

breathe it like its the last breath u may ever take,
treat it like a habit... that u dont wanna shake!

APply it like that lotion... that u love to use,
and then wear it like your favorite pair of shoes!

LIve life like a puzzle, find the spot meant for your piece...
and when you find it you know, cause it presses in with ease...

BE mighty like a lion... til the day that you die!
THen take off like a rocket... and go beyond that blue sky!